The treatment of  upholstered items pre-dating  'modern' techniques frequently require a seperate expertise. It is very important to entrust any significant such work to a Conservator Restorer biased Upholsterer to ensure that the work is undertaken using the correct traditional techniques and any necessary frame repairs are carried out correctly.

If you have an antique requiring upholstery work you can be confident that the correct methods will be employed in all aspects of its repair, any frame repairs or polishing work being possible at the same time.

Fabrics and trimmings are available or we are happy for you to supply your own.

I am also happy to consider re-covering any item of upholstery, antique or modern.

I am also happy to undertake  frame repairs to the highest standard for you to pass on to your preffered uphosterer (bearing in mind the above) or for your traditional upholstery class project.




Examples of upholstery projects.

Click on the picture opposite to see the stages in the upholstery of this Victorian armchair.

  Gallery of recent work: