Clocks & Barometers

     A Full movement repair service is offered, this service is  expanding and is now carried out in our workshop, predominately to longcase, bracket and wall clocks with movements such as that shown below.

Including:        Cleaning/servicing

                          Replacement parts, weights, gut lines, & much more

                          Re-bushing and bearing repairs

                          Moon & date work repair

                          Barrel spring replacement/repair

   This page will be updated to show examples of some of the repair processes,  please come back another time.



Here is an 8 day double fusee hourly striking movement from a Bracket clock dating from about 1830

The mechanism for striking the hours can be seen on the front plate, the 'snail' profiled cam wheel determines how far the toothed T shaped rack travels when released each hour, the appropriate number of teeth on the rack are then allowed to be gathered back one at a time, releasing the striking hammer with each tooth until returning to its waiting position. This arrangement is particular to an 8 day movement.

Such movements are encountered in all states of condition, some just requiring a clean, some requiring complete rebuild with bearing and teeth repairs, springs etc.  But most can be made to run surprisingly accurately and reliably.

I restored this particular movement 10 years ago and is still giving reliable and accurate time.

This movement is from the chamfer top bracket clock shown on the main Clocks and Barometers page.

Sometimes on longcase (grandfather) clocks, more prone to damage and alteration, the movements and cases are not originally matching, something to always watch for when purchasing a clock.