If you have a longcase clock/grandfather clock, or an antique wall clock or bracket clock I am happy to provide professional high quality work undertaken with a conservators approach not just a 'clock repairers' approach. Treating case and movement with equal respect.

For other types of clock; I am happy to look at/advise and work on but achieving a reliable repair may not be economic.

Clocks and barometers also available to purchase, see For Sale page.



All aspects of restoration to longcase clocks are undertaken including: 

1. The restoration of the cases, involving much of the same principles as applied to antique furniture.

2.  Dial restoration, brass and painted dials,  also 'makers' names found and referenced. 

 3.  Movement restoration, including cleaning, repairs to all parts of the movement, re setting of chiming, calendar or moon phase motion work, supply of parts such as weights, bells, pendulums etc.

I have a very large collection of the best reference books to ensure specific details are correctly handled as well as clock makers researched,  it is often possible to discover the name on a painted dial even if much or all of the script seems to have worn away. By viewing under UV light the `shadow`  of the old letters can very often be discovered.


dial-restoration    Dial Restoration

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 Square painted dial c.1820 after restoration



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    8 day longcase clock

     movement unrestored

Gallery of restored Clocks, including some before and after: